Video instruction for Xiaomi.

Manual settings for Xiaomi. Redmi, Poco

On the phone of the child, please run "Settings":

Then find and select "Installed apps":

Find, please, and select the "Tigrow" application:

1) Turn on the switch at the "Autostart" setting, please, as shown in the picture below, click "OK" in the window that opens.

2) Please open "App Permissions" and make sure that the "Location" and "Microphone" switches are turned on, if they are off, then enable them:

3) Please open "Other permissions" and make sure that 3 the switches are on:

4) Please, open "Restrict data usage" and turn on both points

5) Open the "Battery saver" item and select "No restrictions", as shown below:

Your child's phone settings are now complete! The Tigrow  application is given all necessary permissions for the application to work correctly.